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Preserving the history and heritage of Hancock, Maryland
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Toll House

1/2 Mile West of Hancock on Maryland Route 144

Open for special occasions or by request

The Toll House in Hancock is one of the few remaining situated along the Bank Road (Baltimore to Cumberland) and the National Road (Cumberland to Wheeling, VA – now WV).  It was built circa 1820 and operated throughout the century.

During its time in use as a toll house, a toll keeper would sit on the porch while waiting for “traffic” to come through at which point he raised and lowered a gate and collected a fee.  The Bank Road and National Road were funded by private enterprises at this time, and the tolls were the source of income.

The Toll House and land was donated to the Hancock Historical Society by Mr. and Mrs. William Dugan and partial restoration of the exterior and lower level was accomplished by a grant from the France-Merrick Foundation and a cash donation by Mr. Stanley E. Fulton.

As seen below, the Toll House is decorated in period style furniture.  It is open to the public on special occasions or by reservation.

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