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Hancock, Maryland's Fruit Industry
                                                                                        $19.95 / ea.

For nearly a century, Hancock, MD was well known for its vast orchards, which earned Hancock the name "America's Fruit Basket."  Hancock Historical Society President Emeritus, Donald Corbett, author of numerous works on local history, has finished his magnum opus on the orchards, and copies are now for sale.  Corbett chronicles the start of the orchards and provides history of the men and women who owned and worked on orchards.  Corbett, who worked on the orchards as a young man himself, has inside knowledge of what was arguably Hancock's most prosperous period of time.  Softcover, 88 pages.

Hancock: 1776-1976, by Emily M. Leatherman                                                                        $25.00 / ea.
The authoritative book on the history of Hancock, Maryland, by local historian and dear friend of the Hancock Historical Society, Emily Leatherman, is back in print.    The latest edition, using the original pictures and newspaper clippings, is thanks to Emily's donation of her personal manuscripts and permission for a reprint, which was granted before her passing.  Due to better printing technologies, images in the second edition are much better than the first, which often brings a hefty sum when available at local auctions.  Softcover, 175 pages, 2nd edition - July 2012.

Hancock: Home of the Brave: World War II Veterans, Volume 1                                            $8.00 / ea.
Hancock: Home of the Brave: World War II Veterans, Volume 2                                            Sold Out
Hancock: Home of the Brave: World War II Veterans, Volume 3                                            $8.00 / ea.
Long time Hancock Historical Society President Donald F. Corbett has spent years interviewing local veterans of World War II, detailing the amazing personal stories of the greatest generation.  Pictures and documents of most veterans are included.  Softcover, 87-110 pages each.

Bombard And Be Damned: The Effects of Jackson's Valley Campaign on Hancock, Maryland and Fulton County, Pennsylvania.                                                                                                     $5.00 / ea.
Preface written by author John H. Nelson: The purpose of this book is to provide an in-depth look at how Confederate General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson's Valley Campaign of 1862 affected the residents of Hancock, Maryland, and southern Fulton County, Pennsylvania.  Several buildings sustained damages not only as a result of the bombardment, but also from occupancy by troops.  Quite a number of soldiers died as a result of illnesses, and this study will, for the first time, identify these casualties, both known and unknown.  This book will also identify structures used as hospitals.  Softcover, 72 pages.

Round Top Hydraulic Cement Company                                                                                  $5.00 / ea.
Written by Donald F. Corbett, this book details the operations of the Round Top Hydraulic Cement Company, an important Hancock business which operated along the C&O Canal west of Hancock.  This second edition includes more pictures and excerpts from local newspapers during the 1800's.  Softcover, 28 pages.

Hancock Historical Society Cookbook                                                                                      $5.00 / ea.
You'll work up an appetite reading of these delicious recipes as shared by members of the Hancock Historical Society.  Appetizers......Veggie Dishes......Main Dishes.....Desserts....and Helpful Cooking Tips.  Softcover, Comb Binding, 132 + pages.

Medallions                                                                                                            $8.00 / ea. or 2 for $15
Hancock Volunteer Fire Company
St. Thomas Episcopal Church
Hancock Elementary School
Toll House
Old Monterey Hotel
These beautiful pewter medallions depict historic sites in and around Hancock.  Hang from a ribbon for a beautiful Christmas tree ornament or display all year long.  Save when you buy two.  Approximately 3 inches by 3 inches each.

Hancock Historical Society Calendars of Misc. Years                                                            $1.00 / ea.
These calendars might be outdated....but that's what history lovers want, right?  Back in the 1990's these calendars were printed and sold by the Hancock Historical Society, and we have quite a few left.  These calendars are still useful, because each month has an important photograph depicting Hancock history.  Black and white, comb binding.
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